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Christine Fetter, IRN - Certified Interior Redecorator

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Welcome to The Refined Room!

I am excited and proud to be a member of the Interior Redecorators Network

My training by Lauri Ward, best-selling author and Founder/President of Use What You Have Interiors®, has provided me with the skills to expand upon my 21 years as a custom picture framer/decorator and color consultant.

Spending time in my client's homes, whether choosing framing materials, art or paint for their walls, allowed me the opportunity to see that there is a need to help families feel more comfortable in and proud of their homes,  Instinctively, many clients know their space isn't "working" for them, but not as many actually know why.

Learning to recognize the 10 Most Common Decorating Mistakes and how to correct them, is the key to redecorating spaces that not only reflect a client's style and respects their budget, but also completes the transformation from House to Haven!

To Beautiful Rooms,


  1. Hi, Chris, I just found and am so impressed with your other blog--can't wait to see what you put on this one. I didn't know you're a professional decorator. On one hand, I'm even more flattered that you purchased one of my pieces last November; on the other, I'm somewhat mortified about letting you see my house! :->

  2. Thank you Connie! Your home is beautiful. I loved being there, and I certainly LOVE my painting!

  3. Thank you for stoping by.Its always nice to meet new friends.
    I also wish you a very Merry Blessed Christmas,
    XXOO Marie Antionette