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Christine Fetter, IRN - Certified Interior Redecorator

Interior Redecorating

What is Interior Redecorating?

Living Room - Before

Living Room - After

Using the furniture & accessories you already have, we work with you to create a room that reflects your taste & style.  

Before we leave you will be given a complete written design plan to follow. It will give detailed recommendations about every decorating decision for the room.
We rearrange furniture if that is needed, to give the room a better foundation & flow.

The design plan covers Paint, Windows, Lighting, Floors, Furniture, Artwork, and Accessories. By the time the decorator leaves, you'll have all your questions answered.

You will have a clear plan to follow to complete your room, as your time and budget allow.
You won't need to worry about making expensive mistakes!

We charge a flat fee, based on the size of your room.  This way, you'll know the price in

We are a money-saving service for people who would rather put their money into their homes and not into expensive design fees.